Digital weight indicator-transmitter / panel-mount / IP55
S2 Celmi


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The weight signalling machine of 'S' line is a microprocessor equipment customized for electronic weight-checking systems employing strain-gauge load cells and is ideal for utilization in any type of industrial or residential plant. There are other orthodox applications like, Hopper weighing and batching systems, Road and rail weighing platforms., transit scales, weight feeders and merging systems and Silo level analysis and alarms.
There is power supply of nearly 6 load cells, opto-separated digitized input/output, RS232, RS485 serial ports and 4-20 mA analog output. There is a High/Low and error alarm hardware output, with Tare set/reset inputs. There is a static transmission and maximum value analysis, with time-to-time automated correction of thermal drifts and an optional lock keyboard/display.


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