Weight and dosage indicator
5 V, max. 120 mA | LCD Celmi

Weighing and batching unit.
Weighing, batching, classification, end line weighing and object counting for industrial and residential plant.
Typical applications are:
-Silos and hopper weighing.
-Batching systems.
-Truck loading.
-Food classification.
-Front panel mounting.
-LCD backlight dipslay, 2 lines with 16 digits.
-Programmable digital inputs and outputs.
-Failure alarm output.
-Programmable analag output.
-Power supply up to 8 load cells.
-Plug-in terminal boards.
-Easy to use 6 button key-bord.
-Total control from supervisor via opto-isolated RS485 network.
-Firmware package complete of all static weighing function.


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