Weight indicator/transmitter
RS232, RS485 | S2 Celmi

The weight transmitter of "S" line is a microprocessor instrument designed for electronic weighng systems using strani-gage load cells and is suitable for application in any type of industrial or residential plant.

Typical applications are:

Hopper weighing and batching systems.
Road and rail weighing platforms.
Conveyour scales, weight feeders and blending systems.
Silo level measurement and alarms.


Power supply ut to 6 load cells.
Opto-isolated RS232 and RS485 serial ports.
Opto-isolated 4-20mA analog output.
High/Low alarm hardware output.
Failure alarm hardware output.
Tare set/reset inputs.
Opto-isolation of a digital input/output.
Stand-stil signal and peak value measurement.
Periodic self correction of thermal drifts.
Optional loac key-bord/display.


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