Linear valve actuator / digital
10 - 12 000 Nm, 2.75 - 224 rpm | 470, 471 series Centork


  • Movement:


  • Other characteristics:



Digital actuators designed for a constant control of the valve and a non-intrusive setting of its parameters. The special gearing design and its materials, withstands the high number of cycles required in modulating service applications.
470 Series for non-rising stem applications.
471 Series for rising stem applications (output with or without axial thrust).

Main characteristics:
- Torque range from 10 Nm to 12.000 Nm.
- Output speeds from 2,75 to 224 rpm.
- Torque and position setting.
- Output flanges and bushes according to ISO 5210.
- Handwheel for manual operation.
- High degree of weatherproof protection IP67 (IP68 optional). High quality corrosion protection.
- Wide range of switching and signalling options.


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