melting furnace / chamber / infrared / for glass working
GF series ceradel industries



  • Function:


  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:


  • Other characteristics:

    for glass working

  • Capacity:

    Max.: 1,250 l (330.2 gal)

    Min.: 75 l (19.8 gal)

  • Maximum temperature:

    Max.: 1,000 °C (1,832 °F)

    Min.: 0 °C (32 °F)


Fusing furnaces for temperatures up to 1000 °C
Wide range of standard furnaces, as well as production of customized furnaces
High-performance infrared heating in the hood > Optimal temperature uniformity, resistant to gases possibly released
High-quality fibre insulation with rear insulation > Low heat absorption, for short cycle times, low power consumption
Several ventilation ports with refractory dampers > Rapid cooling, also for monitoring the charge
Fitted with exhaust openings, infinitely controllable in larger models
Rugged design with base, also available with rollers as optional extra
Gas pressure springs making it easy to move the hood