HSK tool holder / Morse taper shank / drilling / milling



  • Machine mount:


  • Clamping method:

    Morse taper shank

  • Application:

    drilling, milling, for machining

  • Other characteristics:

    high-precision, with coolant, cutting


The tool for complete machining

Efficient production processes through an optimised cooling supply
Thanks to the unique coolant hole construction from CERATIZIT, jets of coolant are accurately focused onto the cutting edge. The efficient coolant application improves the tool operating life and drastically reduces processing time.

Complete tooling programme
With the broad programme of turning, parting, grooving and multi-function tools, all typical machining methods for one-set-up-machines can be implemented with optimal results.

Perfect repeatable accuracy
The low tolerances of the driving grooves also achieve a sufficiently precise positioning of the cutting edge.

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