UV/VIS spectrometer / laboratory / NIR
Qmix Lambda CETONI GmbH



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  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 350 nm

    Max.: 1,100 nm


With an integrated Light Source

The Qmix Lambda spectrometer module combines a high-quality online spectrometer for VIS and NIR applications with a flow-measuring cell (z-cell) in a Qmix-compatible housing. Depending on its configuration, this spectrometer is suitable for wavelengths ranging from 350-800 nm or 650-1100 nm. The LED light source is integrated in the module. You can adjust the brightness using a turning knob on the device. The LED attachment can be exchanged very easily, enabling you to perfectly adapt the wavelength of the emitted light to your application.

The module offers a complete spectral analysis with very little scattered light interference and a high signal-to-noise ratio on an extremely small footprint. Despite its compact dimensions, the optical resolution, stability and sensitivity of this spectrometer are comparable or even superior to the performance provided by larger and more expensive devices.