hammer crusher / stationary
TM CFT Packaging S.p.A.

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hammer crusher / stationary hammer crusher / stationary - TM


  • Technology:


  • Mobility:


  • Capacity:

    45 t/h (28 lb/s)


It is mainly used in tornato processing lines but due to its versatility and technical features is quite performant in processing vegetables and fruits too. The hammer hearing shaft is supported by two ball bearings and two ring seals. The high-speed rotating hammers crush the product which, passing through a punched sheet, is collectcd into a slainless steel vat located under the mill. The electric motor is directiy coupied to a clutchjoint instalied hctween the hammer shaft and the electric motor pin. The clutch safety device actuates in case of foreign matters slipped along with the product and inhibites hammers and punched sheet from cracking up. Upon request, the unit can be provided with a continuous steam injection preventing product oxidation.
The TM can be coupled with Giubileo cold extractor to process fruit with stones.

Complete rotation and ispection of the product.
Keeping an high quality of the finished product.

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