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Our constant efforts in improving plants and processes have resulted in the patented Eldorado system for the enzymatic inactivation of fruit and vegetables, which is the state-of-the-art and most reliable unit currently available on the market, attaining finished products with the best viscosity, color and syneresis values.
Thanks to its high recirculation flow-rate and the special geometry of its patented heat exchangers, the Eldorado system can run at its maximum efficiency over long periods of time (over four weeks without intermediate clean-ups) even in the presence of foreign matters such as weeds, leaves, vines, etc. mixed together with the product.

Full inactivation of pectolytic pectinesterase and polygalacturonase enzymes (at temperatures higher than 105° C) obtaining highly thick finished products with very low blotter test values.
Achievement of inactivation temperatures in very short times.
Preservation of product color thanks to the vacuum process (when installed).
Increase in yields, intended as the ratio between fresh product and refined juice obtained. This increase is due to the perfect and uniform product heating degree that optimizes the subsequent refining phase.
Achieve a product free from burnt parts and black specks, thanks to the high product velocity inside the heat exchangers and to the very short holding times.
Almost full absence of clogging phenomena inside the heat exchangers, thanks to their special annular section geometry.
Very low maintenance costs, limited to the routine maintenance of pumps and process valves.

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