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    for liquids


The Mixflow evaporator is a concentration unit suitable for multiple effect evaporation by means of mixed circulation (upward/downward) in the effects at lower concentration and by means of downward forced circulation in the first effect of concentration. It can be designed in double or triple effect concentration version. mIt is provided with high efficiency circulation pumps with open impeller which allow the processing of highly viscous fluids and is complete with an indirect condenser.
Mixflow represents the latest series of evaporators designed and manufactured by CFT to meet the market demand aimed at obtaining products with high quality standards and ensuring, at the same time, a good energy efficiency and a great fl exibility of use. The Mixflow is the result of CFT’s long experience in evaporator designing and manufacturing and is a summary of the best technologies and patents applied to the long series of evaporators manufactured under the Rossi & Catelli brand: Anteo, Califfo and Venus (forced circulation evaporators) and Poseidon and Apollo (falling film type evaporators). The Mixflow is an evaporator mainly intended for fruit and tomato processing.
Mixflow evaporation system is an absolute innovationin the field of evaporators. In particular, the most innovative technologies applied are:

Heat exchange by means of integrated upward/downward mixed fl w.
Heat exchange under downward biphasic conditions.
“Annular chamber” liquid/vapour separator, centrifugal induced type.

The Mixflow also uses the new technology of the mixed flow heat exchange.

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