process sterilizer / steam / horizontal / for the food industry
Olimpic CUBE CFT Packaging S.p.A.



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    for the food industry


Olimpic CUBE is the new series of combined sterilizers and aseptic fillers, designed to meet the most recent requirements of the market in terms of maximum flexibility and very fast commissioning times.
The innovation is supplying a preassembled turnkey group, requiring much less floor space, with fast commissioning, reduced investiment and running costs.

Guarantee of aseptic conditions and integrity of the final product.
Possibility of processing different products and highly viscous ones in particular.
Steam is the only sterilizing agent used on the machine and on the cap.
It is possible to fill bags with a 1” or 2” spouts.
It is possible to fill bags from 5 to 20 kg using the optional kit.

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