process sterilizer / vertical / for the food industry
Olimpic FT CFT Packaging S.p.A.



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    for the food industry


Olimpic FT is the sterilizer suitable either to food liquid or having low consistency and viscosity level, to be aseptically packed. Relevant thermal cycle to obtain such a product is available thanks to tube chest heat exchangers, constituted by a set of tubes in an external jacket. Product flows through the tubes, while heating and cooling fluids run in the external jacket, in counter-current in respect to the product. The process allows to keep the product at room temperature for long whiles too, while the plant management is completely automatic. Olimpic FT sterilizer is inserted in a complete aseptic line, allowing the following steps:

Product preparation (mixing).
Cold aseptic storage in vertical tanks (optional).
Product sterilizing by means of Olimpic FT plant.
Aseptic packaging.

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