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The CFT/SBC carbonator is a compact unit that uses the latest technology in the field of carbonation in conditions of saturation.
The system consists of:

deaeration unit by atomization of water in a carbon dioxide atmosphere
water dosage unit + carbon dioxide dosage unit
dosage unit syrup
finished drink buffer unit

Operating principle
The product fed into the system enters the deaeration tank, where a battery of diffusers nebulizes the product. The tank is kept under constant CO2 pressure so the product, finely atomized, tends to lose the air initially dispersed in it and to replace it with carbon dioxide. The latter is recycled through the storage tank vent to reduce consumption levels.
After deaeration, a high-prevalence centrifugal pump sends the water to the injection-mixing system to completely dissolve the desired quantity of CO2.
Components are dosed by a system that combines flowrate meters and modulating valve to achieve maximum accuracy ensuring reliable repeatability of the finished drink.
The system also includes static mixers to ensure fine dispersion of the gas inside the treated product and perfect mixing of the components used.
Product stabilization is achieved by means of a holding tube and then in the buffer tank where product temperature control is used to maintain a fixed CO2 pressure depending on the gas conditions required.
The testing pressure for this tank is such as to enable a saturation process at room temperature.
The filling unit is fed by a centrifugal pump so the product is always conveyed towards increasing pressures, a characteristic which greatly helps the system in terms of stability.

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