low level infeed depalletizer / for empty containers / for glass containers / automatic
CFT Packaging S.p.A.



  • Type:

    low level infeed

  • Product applications:

    for empty containers, for glass containers

  • Operating mode:



CFT can offer a complete range of palletisers and depalletisers. Palletisers with high / low level infeed with single / multiple entry for loose bottles and pack layers, able to handle cans, jars, bottles, cartons, bundles and crates. The depalletiser range includes different models of machines available in two different versions: automatic and semi-automatic, with high / low level discharge and magnetic or sweep-off, able to handle containers such as cans, jars and bottles. The main advantages of these machines are: heavy-duty construction, reliability, quick and easy maintenance, constant repeatability of the production cycles.

This machine is designed for medium/high potential, with a high degree of reliability, reduced maintenance and low noise levels.
Designed for the glass containers sector, its measurements enable it to withstand the stresses typical of this sector.
Usable containers: empty glass bottles