industrial filling machine / for edible oil / bottle / automatic
RPR CFT Packaging S.p.A.



  • Domain:


  • Product applications:

    for edible oil

  • Container type:


  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    weight, rotary

  • Throughput:

    40,000 p/h

  • Capacity:

    Max.: 20 l (5.3 gal)

    Min.: 0.5 l (0.1 gal)


The range of fillers by weight, mod. RPR was designed for filling edible oil on the basis of the consolidated experience of Comaco in the sector, with the possibility of extending use of the machine to all sectors where filling by weight is applicable.
To ensure the maximum accuracy of dosage, the machine is equipped with weighing circuits, each of which is equipped with a microprocessor that superintends the functions of weighing and dosage locally. The circuits are connected on the network where a PC performs the function of master.
The operator interface is simple and intuitive, with the possibility of acquiring statistical data on the production performed.
The range goes from 9 to 80 tape for filling speeds of 40,000 or more bottles per hour.
It can handle containers in glass, PET, metal, selecting and filling to net weight or gross weight depending on the type or container.
It can be coupled as a single unit with capping and blowing turrets.

Products: Edible oil

Containers: glass, PET or metal, from ½ L up to 20 L