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Flow divider valve / in-line / double / for centralized lubrication system
CV Changhua Chen Ying Oil Machine Co., Ltd.


  • Function:

    flow divider

  • Mounting:


  • Body:


  • Product applications:

    for centralized lubrication system


1. Fixed amount of oil feeding. The lubrication points of volume distributor supply a fixed flow of lubricant. The discharge volume of each outlet is 0.18 cc/stroke.
2. Every piston of CV type progressive feeders cannot deliver its lubricant until the preceding one has discharged it.
3. If one feeder section doesn't receive any lubricant or is blocked, the entire CV type progressive feeder will stop, and that situation can be noticed by the signal of the feeder.
4. The standards are assembled detective piston, which can be seen if operation is normal.
5. CV type could be assembled NO (Normal Open) or NC (Normal Close) sensor switch on request, which would make symbol during operation or intermittent time, it's easier to observe.
6. CV type can be used with grease or oil lubricators. As ordering, please details used for oil or grease.
7. When using grease, the operation pressure range is 15 kgf/㎝² to 150 kgf/㎝². When using oil, the operation pressure range is 5 kgf/㎝² to 30 kgf/㎝².
8. The viscosity range of grease is NLGI grades 0 to 2. And the viscosity range of oil is 32-220 cSt @ 40℃.


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