Digital oscilloscope / portable / 2-channel
Metrix® Scopix Bus CHAUVIN ARNOUX


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The SCOPIX BUS is an individual device that features 2 channels and a bandwidth of 200 MKz, which is suited for field bus integrity testing. Additionally, this function can also be utilized to render electrical measurements that are needed to evaluate the integrity of field buses. That is the function of the physical layer such as synchronization, specifications and electrical to match the appropriate standards.

The SCOPIX BUS is extremely easy to use and takes just 3 steps to determine the integrity f a field bus. The results are displayed clearly in color and smiley icons. The SCOPIX BUS integrates 14 buses such as DALI, KNX, CAN, LIN, AS-i, FlexRay™, RS-485, RS-232, ETHERNET, Profibus® etc. and a wide range of protocols and configurations to include IP, TCP, , Profinet, Modbus etc. Users are also able to create new configurations or buses with this software. The SCOPIX BUS offers assistance with the connection related to the bus being tested by offering the related wiring.


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