multimeter power meter / active power / reactive power / apparent power



  • Associated function:


  • Measured power:

    active power, reactive power, apparent power

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, three-phase, single-phase


The C.A 8220 was specially designed for both maintenance and testing teams. Created with electrotechnics and rotating machinery verification in mind, this shock resistant, compact device comes outfitted with a liquid crystal display. It is intuitive and easy to use due to the simple interface.

The main characteristics in either balanced three-phase grids or a single-phase can be obtained easily when using this device. It functions in a similar manner to the C.A 8230. The C.A 8220 can be used to check machinery that rotates. Measurements between a few millamperes to several kiloamperes can be precisely measured using this device. This makes it suitable for a wide sensor range.