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The C.A 6030 RCD is an innovative and particularly user friendly device that provides ease of operation and top notch metrological performance that is needed for the testing of installation and protection systems. It is developed in compliance with the NF C 15-100, VDE 0100, NIN/NIV, IEEE 16th, ÖVE EN-1 European and international standards. It provides safe and direct connection to mains and dependable measurements owing to auto permulation of N and L inputs provided the conductors are reversed at the socket connection.

Furthermore, this device provides auto frequency measurements and installation voltage and the tests standards are selective, standard A and AC RCDs. There is 1 caliber adjustable from 6 to 650mA and 5 fixed calibers 10/30/100/300/500mA. Furthermore, this device is able to check exact trip current (ramp mode) and RCD trips / trip time measurement (pulse or ramp mode). Other features of this device include earth loop and 1P earth power on measurement, optional current and leakage current measurement clamp, 2 or 3 wire phase rotation test, configurable date stamped recording or measurement readouts and standard date printouts.


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