Residual current device (RCD) tester

Innovative and particularly user-friendly, the C.A 6030 RCD is particularly easy to use and offers high metrological performance for the testing protection systems and installations' compliance with the European and international standards NF C 15-100, VDE 0100, NIN/NIV, IEEE 16th, ÖVE EN-1.

# Direct, safe connection to installation mains
# Reliable measurements due to automatic permutation of L and N inputs if conductors are reversed at socket connection
# Automatic installation voltage and frequency measurement
# Tests standard, selective, A and AC RCDs
# 5 fixed calibres 10/30/100/300/500mA + 1 calibre adjustable from 6 to 650mA
# Checks RCD trips / trip time measurement (pulse or ramp mode) and exact trip current (ramp mode)
# Power-on earth measurement: earth loop and 1P earth
# Current and leakage current measurement clamp (option)
# Phase rotation test (2 or 3-wire)
# Programmable alarms, date-stamped recording of measurement readings, data printout using standard printer, direct transfer of data to PC (transfer application included as standard)
# Large backlit display / "hands-free" pouch
# Battery operated - battery life: 2,000 tests
# Dimensions: 270x250x180mm ; weight : 900g


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