autonomous unmanned surface vehicle / monitoring
APACHE 5 CHC Navigation



  • Type:

    autonomous, monitoring


APACHE 5 is the CHCNAV’s professional USV solution with an integrated single or multi-beam echo sounder. It features detachable triple-hulled vessel to match various environmental constraints such as open space lake or shallow draft channel without worrying about running aground.

Key Features
● Single Person Operation: With a weight of 10 kg (without battery and echo sounder), the APACHE 5 it can be carried by a single person during the entire project from on-site transport, installation, calibration and mission processing.

● Triple-hulled Vessel Design: The detachable triple-hulled vessel design is perfectly meeting various mission environments. Fitted with its dual floating bodies to keep hull balance while operation in the open lake region. The floating bodies can be removed when surveying in shallow draft lake or channel to avoid run aground.

● Absolute Linear Technology: APACHE 5 integrates high precision positioning and heading technology to maintain a perfect straight sailing course even in complex current conditions.

● High-Resolution Video Camera: This unique feature provides real-time video feedback of the APACHE 5 up to 2 km when being out of line-of-sight or during fog situation. Live video feed increases mission efficiency and safety in emergency situations (riverfront survey, grounding…).

● Dual Pole Protective Design: APACHE 5 integrates a dual tough and rigid carbon fiber pole to protect propellers to get rid of twined by aquatic plants and fishing net in riverways and shallow water.

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