Planetary gear reducer for wheel and track drive
Chinabase Machinery (Hangzhou)

We specialize in the design and manufacture of various Planetary speed reducer
Our products are widely used in various industry, like wind power,solar power. Lifting equipment, Engineering Machinery.assembly line, metallurgy, mining, construction,and many other.
We are the manufacturer of Bosch Rexroth type in China. We make all the components in house, own the knowledge of material we use, machining, assembly, lubrication, and so on.

Keep investing on R & D, equipment, engineering and technology for years, we are proud of our quality, and we are confident that we are the best in China. You may test the performance, compare the efficiency, noise, and temperature.

Pls feel free to contact with us if you have any problem.
We'll try our best to satisfy you.


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