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automatic feeding system
CSⅡ-16 Chit Shun Machinery

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automatic feeding system automatic feeding system - CSⅡ-16


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The Full Automatic Charging System will deliver the specified amount of the molten metal directly to the holding furnace which sent the “Low Metal” signal using a Ladle Cup. This method is not required the chute on the holding furnace and increase the quality of the casting products because it decreases the Oxidation and Solidification possibility of the Molten Metal, There is a labour saving advantage because all of the melting can be accomplished at the center furnace with one Furnace Operator. This is possible due to the easy adjustment of the running speed, lable taring Seed and the Charging amount lf the Automated Robot Unit. The Safety facilities on the unit include lam Lamp and Buzzer, The Safety Cover on each side of the exposed unit and an emergency stop Plate Which is located on the unit to stop the unit when the plate come in contact with anyone or anything.