ammonia analyzer / benchtop / continuous / rugged
7510 C.I. Analytics



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    continuous, rugged, process


C.I. Analytics 7510 Process Analyzer

The 7510 process analyzer is a low cost unit that provides peace of mind without compromise. The unit comes pre-calibrated to start working right out of the crate! The 7510 is a rugged and reliable continuous analyzer that provides low-level analysis without interference. This instrument is suitable for a variety of applications, including arsine, ammonia, HCN, HCl, anf HF to name a few.

Features include:
- Sensitive, selective and interference-free sensi-tape detection system
- Alarm relays and 4-20ma isolated output included as low as 1 ppb level detection (application-dependent)
- Range optimized to meet application requirements
- Class 1, Div 2, Group B area rating