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Air/water heat pump / reversible
7 - 48 kW | XH CIAT


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Power:

    Min.: 8 kW (10.73 hp)

    Max.: 48 kW (64.37 hp)


Use :

Air-to-water heat pump or water-cooled air chiller for air-based heating and cooling of businesses. Connect to a water loop. Designed as standard for installation inside a ceiling void.

Description :

R407C refrigerant
Slim equipment
Fully encased in a housing constructed of detachable coated metal panels
One refrigeration circuit
One hermetic piston compressor in an acoustic enclosure
Water-cooled brazed-plate heat exchanger
One centrifugal fan (available pressure: 50 to 100 Pa)
GESDOM microprocessor-based control unit


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