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multi-parameter calibration and test bench
Turbo Test Pro - for turbo-compressors Cimat Ltd



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CIMAT Ltd. is a part of American group BEP, which supplies end of the line and balancing solutions to car manufacturers like GM, Mercedes, Audi, VW etc.

Thanks to the experience and cooperation with turbo workshops and OEMs like Borg Warner and Garrett, CIMAT has developed the most sophisticated and inteligent VNT calibration flow bench, which is well known by high measuring accuracy, efficiency and long life trouble free operation.

CIMAT offers two types of vnt calibration flow bench:

- Turbo Test - static version (similar to other machines on the market).
- Turbo Test Pro - dynamic version (a unique version on the market).

What are the advantages of the machine Turbo Test Pro over other machines?
- Dynamic (rotor is spinning) adjustment of variable geometry according to air flow (calibration of minimum, medium and maximum flow).
- Compressor section performance measurement.
- Turbocharger oil leakage test.
- REA (rotary electronic actuator) test and reprogramming and further dynamic test of the turbocharger.
- Pneumatic and vacuum actuator test.
- Position sensor test.
- Turbocharger boost pressure ratio measurement. Test of the turbocharger under load and at working speed.
- Measurement of correctness of turbocharger rotational speed.
- Turbocharger air loss check.
- 24 months warranty is provided.
- Machine has been validated by Borg Warner Turbo Systems.
- Large and free of charge database of records of original turbochargers' parameters.

Please send us a request and you will receive a quotation with full parameters and pricing.
Please watch a video presentation of this machine.