Dry gas scrubber / deep-bed
200 - 12 000 CFM | HDS FRP Circul-Aire


  • Type:

    dry, deep-bed


The High Density Scrubber (HDS) removes corrosive, malodorous and toxic contaminants and is designed for applications requiring high removal efficiency and media life


Many manufacturing processes result in the release of multiple airborne contaminants that lead to odor and corrosion problems. Oil and gas refineries, pulp and paper plants, and wastewater treatment facilities all generate a variety of harmful contaminants. In particular, hydrogen sulphide, an undesirable by-product of many processes is malodorous, toxic and highly volatile.


CIRCUL-AIRE's High Density Scrubbers (HDS) are vertical configuration dry scrubbers requiring smaller footprints filled with granular MULTI-MIX media. For lower concentrations (less than 20 ppm), HDS dry scrubbers will efficiently remove contaminants to non-detectable levels. Servicing HDS scrubbers is minimal, only requiring annual bulk loading of the replacement media rather than the complex and frequent maintenance procedures necessary for wet scrubbers.


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