three-phase harmonic filter reactor



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The motor speed regulation equipment, frequency variators, UPS units, etc. generate alterations in the network, which affect other loads in the installation of the operation of the equipment.
The LR / LRB reactors connected to the input on the network side of the equipment can attenuate voltage peaks and reduce the harmonic distortion generated by the power electronics. The LR / LRB Reactors for filtering can reduce the current harmonics in any converter from 40... 50 % to values around 20 %. In addition, they reduce the shortcircuit current and increase the safety of the converter's semi-conductors. When installed on the motor side, they can attenuate harmonic frequencies caused during switching operations.

Low-powered reactors, LR type, are built with plates with low losses and are coiled with copper wire. The connection is achieved with the adequate terminals.
In the case of higher currents, LRB reactors are used, with a magnetic plate nucleus and multiple steel cores, which offer excellent characteristics and a low loss ratio. Copper band coils (or aluminium band, on demand). The connections run through a plate.
Both LR and LRB type reactors have a vacuum varnish sealing to increase the insulation, providing a greater mechanical resistance and reduce the level of noise