integrating sound level meter / basic / class 2 / data logging
Sound Sign Cirrus Research



  • Type:

    integrating, basic

  • Precision class:

    class 2

  • Other characteristics:

    data logging, USB, limiting

  • Noise level:

    Min.: 40 dB

    Max.: 140 dB


Noise Activated Warning Sign

The SoundSign™ is a highly visible noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a preset noise level is reached.

When the ambient noise level exceeds the preset level, the SoundSign will illuminate, clearly showing the graphics and text.

In addition to the traditional Noise at Work style sign, the Sound Sign is also available with a range of other graphics and text which allows it to be used in environments where the noise levels may not reach those where hearing protection is required, but where there is still a need to warn or indicate excessive sound levels.

Ideal for Noisy Environments - Show when hearing protection must be worn or when high noise levels occur

The SoundsSign is idea for use in noisy environments such as factories, workshops, pubs and nightclubs to warn when noise levels become too high and indicate when hearing protection must be worn.

If it is essential for anyone entering these areas to be prepared and already wearing hearing protection, a CR:202 SoundSign Remote Unit can be connected to the Master unit and positioned outside of the work area, next to an entrance or door for example. This will ensure that anyone entering the room will be aware of the high noise levels and the need to wear appropriate hearing protection.

A CR:203 Data Logger can be added to gather a record of when the noise levels were over the trigger level and to help monitor the effectiveness of hearing protection.

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