Combustion calorimeter / high-sensitivity / for fuel / automatic
5E-C5508 |CE |ASTM D5865 |ASTM D4809 |10mins CKIC / Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments Co., Ltd


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    combustion, high-sensitivity, for fuel, automatic, coal, for biomass, for food


5E-C5508 Automatic Calorimeter is used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles.

Standard conformity :
AS 1038.5, ASTM D5865, ASTM D4809, ASTM E711, BIS 1350, BS EN 15400, GB/T213, GB/T30727, ISO1928, ISO9831

Features :
With all 5E-C5500 features, additionally

1. Fully Automatic Oxygen Charging System
Integrated oxygen charging system, straight connection to oxygen cylinder via regulator, controlled by solenoid valve, 5E-C5508 is available for oxygen charging automatically.

2. Full Automatic Oxygen Vessel Lifting System
Convenient operation compared with manual filling, in case of any slipping off. Water filling and draining during lifting, minimize the time for analysis and preparation.

Specification :
Precision (1g Benzoic Acid) : 0.05%RSD*
Measuring Range : Up to 40MJ/kg
Temp. Resolution : 0.0001℃
Analysis time per sample : Dynamic Method :10mins Classical Method : 15mins
Structure : Benchtop

Application : coal and coke, biomass(mixed waste material, wood, corn, hay, tires, PVC powder), liquid material(oil, fuel, gasoline, olive, palm oil), food(dried fruit, chocolate, flour powder, meat), etc.

Industry :
power plants, coal mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, etc.


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