dry sieving sieve shaker / circular vibrating
5E-SSB200 CKIC / Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    for dry sieving

  • Other characteristics:

    circular vibrating


5E-SSB200 Sieving Shaker is used for grade sieving of particulate materials, which is widely applied in power plants, coal mines, chemical industry, metallurgy, foodstuff and geology.

1. Effectively reduce dust leakage with dust cover.

2. Combined sieving function of horizontal shaking and vertical vibration.

3. Easy installation of sample sieve, easy to clean and no sample mixing.

4. Excellent sieving efficiency.

5. Available to store three modes.

6. Screen display functions.

Sieve Size Available: Ф200mm
Max. Sieve Layers: 8
Sample Mass: 200g
Sieving particle Size: 6-0.045mm
Vibration Frequency (per minute): 147±2
Vibration Amplitude: 10mm
Shaking Frequency (per minute): 221
Noise: ≤90dB
Net Weight: 110kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 605mm×385mm×908mm