in-line sample preparation system
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Reduction and division of the material by online sample preparation system is available.

Sample Reduction - Hammer Crusher
During the crushing, the sample with high moisture easily adheres to the crushing plate. CKIC provides two kinds of cleaning devices to improve the moisture adaptability considerably.

Cleaning Device for PC0303 Hammer Crusher
Equipped with cleaning device of crushing chamber, which consists of driving motor and scraper components, etc. During the crushing, the scraper will wipe the adhesive material on the crushing plate continuously.

Sample Mixing - Material Mixing and Rectifying Device
The sample stream will be mixed uniformly after reduction to make sure the sample is more representative in the following dividing process.

Sample Division - Chain Scraper Dividing Device
Equipped on belt conveyor, which is well matched with the belt surface. Capable to extract a sample on full cross section completely.