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5E-APS Automatic Sample Preparation System is designed to produce specified coal samples automatically with unattended operation, which applies to coal sample preparation in power plants, coal mines, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction material, geography, environmental protection, scientific research, etc.

Conforms to Method: GB/T 19494.2, ASTM D2013, ISO 13909-4, ISO 13909-6
Mechanical Feed Weight: 20~100Kg
Mechanical Feed Size: ≤ 100mm
Manual Feed Weight: 20~100Kg
Manual Feed Size: ≤ 100mm
Total Moisture Adaptability: ≤ 20%
Machine Power: 60Kw
Sample Preparation Efficiency: ≤ 15min/ per sample
Primary Crushing Feed Size: ≤ 100mm
Primary Crushing Discharge Size: ≤ 6mm
Primary Crushing Reduction Ratio: Adjust Automatically
Secondary Crushing Feed Size: ≤ 6mm
Secondary Crushing Discharge Size: ≤ 3mm
Secondary Crushing Reduction Ratio: Adjust Automatically
Grinding System Feed Size: ≤ 3mm
Grinding System Discharge Size: ≤ 0.2mm
Reduction Before Grinding: 1/2
Reduction After Grinding: 1/2
Dimensions(L×W×H): 6.4m×2.8m×3.14m
Minimum Dimensions of Sample Preparation Room(L×W×H): 9m×4.5m×4m( around 50m2)