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5E-HPS0630 CKIC / Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments Co., Ltd



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5E-HPS0630 High Moisture Sample Preparation System is especially designed to crush humid coal.

1. Up to 40% total moisture adaptability, HPS0630 offers different crushing proposals according to the moisture content.
2. Fixed mass dividing without substantial bias. Adjust the interval time of cutting according to the different feed sizes.
3. With friendly interfaces, real-time display is available by manual method or automatic method.
4. Fully sealed design without dust contamination reduces the moisture loss.
5. It is easy to install without fixed foundations.

Feed Size: ≤50mm
Feed Mass: 40-400kg
Discharge Size: ≤13mm
Total Moisture Adaptability: ≤40%
Throughput: 2000kg/h
Power Supply: 3 phases, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz , ≤9kW
Net Weight: 2500kg
Dimensions(L×W×H): 4200mm×2500mm×1900mm