force gauge and torque meter
NEOvario CLA Clinical Laboratory Automation SA

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force gauge and torque meter force gauge and torque meter - NEOvario


The NEOvario is a high-technology device, which is completely compact and integrated. It will meet the demanding needs of torque and force measurement fields.

Basic configuration
1 Banc de mesure avec motorisation et codeur incrémental comprenant :
1 Table XY comme support de pièce (avec rattrapage de jeux)
1 Table XYZ comme support de capteur et caméra de centrage
1 Système de centrage optique
1 Electronique de contrôle intégrée au bâti
1 PC / Ecran
1 Soft

Example of applications
Energy accumulator
(automatic or manual barrel)
Overload and sliding
Barrel spring torque
Number of turns and yield
Reliability test (wear)

Torque for different moving parts
Transmission yield
Escapment torque

Static torque of the mass
Winding torque
Yield from automatic

Winding torque in manual
Date correction torque
Setting the date torque

Other applications
Spring, moving parts and additionnal module torque
Bell-mechanism force
«Quantième» disc torque
Cannon-pinion friction