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chronometric cell chronometric cell


The CLA multi-calibres chronometric Cell is used to monitor and tune the performance of a mechanical watch movement or a watch.

Principle of Operation
Integrated testing may depend on the type of product to be tested but generally consists of measurements for rate deviation, beat error and amplitude at 0h and 24h as well as a power reserve check.
Additional tasks may be added such as: the reading of the next number, checking the indenting of the cannon pinion or the activation and control of the functions of the watch.

Integration into the production line
The SMS™ transport system provided by CLA consists of standard and modular components allowing scalable configurations. It is also possible to install independent process islands which are supervised and logically linked by the OMS software.

OMS (Object Management Software)
The chronometric Cell is managed by the OMS software that allows the management of operational ranges. As each part is individually identified, the system is able to manage several types of parts simultaneously and ensure the monitoring and production log. Traceability of your production is guaranteed.