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Plastic film slitter-rewinder / automatic
1 400 rpm | SAR-900 Class-Engineering


  • Transformed product:

    for plastic films

  • Options:


  • Working width:

    900 mm

  • Speed:

    8 m/s (26.25 ft/s)


Semiautomatic machine for film rewinding with slitting into the specified
number of webs of the specified rewinding length. SAR-900 allows to rewind up to 900 mm wide material.
PE and PVC stretch films, PP, HDPE, LDPE, shrink films, etc.
Reliability, simplicity of operation and low cost make the semiautomatic film rewinders ideal for manufacturers that process small volumes of material.
Main features:
Simple control;
Reliable structure;
Ability of longitudinal web cutting;


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