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    industrial, for tubes

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Orbiter Pipe Painting Tool

• Efficiently handles wide range of coatings
• Applies uniform layer at remarkable speed
• No need to rotate the pipe or tubing
• Unique gun assembly ensures precise control
• Air-controlled centering carriage legs easily adjust for gradual pipe bends

Simple Solution for Industrial Coating Challenges
The Clemco Orbiter provides an innovative and efficient solution to the difficult job of applying paint to the inside of pipe, conduit, tubing or other cylindrical structures. With the Orbiter, you can apply a uniform layer of paint at remarkable speed.

Two standard models cover pipe diameters from 3.5 inches through 37 inches. Orbiter I is for pipes 3.5 to 7 inches ID. Orbiter III is for pipes 7 inches through 37 inches ID. Each system includes a paint spray tool with centering legs, an air control assembly, a paint spray gun, and air-control and high-pressure paint hoses. Not included but required for operation of the Clemco Orbiter is an airless paint spray pump. Any standard 30:1 pump is the minimum requirement, while a 45:1 pump may be preferred as dictated by the coating.

The heart of the Orbiter system is the air-control assembly. From this central location, the operator controls start/stop of the rotating-head air motor, the on/off of paint flow, and the air valve and pressure regulator, which control the expansion and contraction of the centering carriage legs.