profile scanner / 3D / laser / compact

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profile scanner / 3D / laser / compact profile scanner / 3D / laser / compact


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    compact, mobile, inspection, wireless


CSS-SCAN3D is a new system capable of accurately scanning potentially steep mine slopes, such as ore passes. Engineered with precision the CSS-SCAN3D is designed with a special alternative technique that offers the accuracy required and the high precision for monitoring dangerous and hard to reach areas.
CSS-SCAN3D is a light weight and compact laser scanner, attached on to a three wheeler cart. The cart is assembled carefully with a flipping mechanism to keep the scanner in an upright position even if the cart flips over. The system CSS-SCAN3D offers new capabilities in slope monitoring by providing information through scanner as well as cameras attached to it. This can provide information for detecting unstable ground, detection of instability or failure mechanism that could have developed.
The system employs Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) algorithm to combine the 2D laser scan data with the laser sensor position to generate accurate 3D point clouds. Accurate, 3D point clouds can be rapidly captured, for further processing and analysis. The 3D mapping system is based on Clickmox Solution's propriety software that allows generation of accurate point cloud on the fly. From the point cloud, the system generates the map in three dimensions. The process of map generation can be accomplished in real time or offline as per use's preference..
A high definition camera and ample lighting allows the user to have visual feedback while the cart is moving up and down.
The three wheeler cart is lowered down into a steep hole with a winch.