Multi-stage centrifugal submersible pump
max. 3 400 m³/h, max. 200 m | Ulectriglide ClydeUnion

The ClydeUnion Pumps range of Ulectriglide pump sets are of multi-stage centrifugal pump design. They offer high efficiency and reliability and are used throughout the world on medium and high head duties. Typical applications for centrifugal pumps include fire and seawater lift duties on rigs and platforms, offshore cooling water supply and borehole extraction.
The pumps comprises a multi-stage mixed flow, bowl type centrifugal pump for medium head applications or a radial flow, ring section type pump construction for higher head duties. On both cases drive is by a wet type squirrel cage motor specifically designed for the individual duty. Both pump and motor can be manufactured in a wide range of materials, dependent upon water quality and temperature.


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