Communication IC modem / for industry / low-power
FX/MX604 CML Microcircuits


  • Type:

    for communication

  • Application:

    for industry

  • Other characteristics:



The FX604 by CML Microcircuits is a Top of the line product Built with state of the art components /parts. It features a low power CMOS integrated circuit for the reception and transmission of asynchronous 1200bps data in accordance with CCITT V.23 and ETSI specifications. It is also capable of generating the 75bits/sec 'back channel'. The device incorporates an optional Tx and Rx data retiming function that removes the need for a UART in the associated µC when operating at 1200bps. It is designed to cater a wide variety of applications and I.T. design concepts. It reflects the company's reliability.


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