4-axis CNC vertical milling machine for letter and sign making
720 x 420 x 110 mm | High-Z S-720 CNC-STEP / Hylewicz CNC-Technik

With the High-Z cnc router and engraving machine you purchase an allround talent. If you want to clampand fix complex workpieces on the worksurface, or, or, or clamp work-pieces in a high bench vise (the cnc milling machine sits on a frame-construction, is driven by 2 motors and therefore allows to be positioned above a piece to be processed).

Or if you simply want to do engraving- or drillingjobs…..you can work on a flat surface, with a pieces of sheet MDF fixed to it. Plane it once and you will be able to work with a precision of +-0,02 mm depth.

All cnc routers / milling machines are being delivered with black energy-chains on all axis, which allows a better cabling management. Also, all cnc milling machines are equipped with an emergency stop button. An additional emergency stop you find in front of the controller.


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