CNC milling machine / 3-axi / vertical / for sheet machining
1200 x 2010 x 300 mm | RaptorX-SL1200/S20 CNC-STEP / Hylewicz CNC-Technik

Our new big RaptorX-SL cnc-router / cnc-engraver / portal-milling.- and plasma cutting machine is available !!
( The Video is showing an example how to cut with a really big forming end mill in hard wood ! )

Finally an end to flimsy steel machines constructed of cold drawn, paper thin square tubing which is prone to distortion when welded together.

We manufacture and supply well designed machines, with high quality motors, controllers and software all included in the package price.

Manufactured from high quality heat-treated steel, the frame construction and 9.4 Amp Brushless drive motors that produce over 900 Ncm holding torque, provide very reliable and stable platforms that are unbeatable in their price to performance ratio.

Traverse speeds of up to 40 meters per minute can be achieved. This demonstrates the high quality and performance of our machines.

The cnc-portal-milling machines / routers are available in 6 standard sizes from 1200x 1510 x 230mm to 3200 x 2010 x 600mm cutting area.

Custom cnc routers, with double Z axis or other attachments, are available on order. CNC-milling machines up to a maximum size of 12000 x 3000 mm can be produced.


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