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Raman spectroscopy analyzer / hand-held
RapID™ Cobalt Light Systems


  • Technology:

    Raman spectroscopy

  • Portability:



RapIDTM is the next generation in raw materials ID verification, extending high-throughput spectroscopic identification through clear packaging to non-transparent and coloured containers even multi-layer paper and plastic sacks

Raw Materials ID Verification Through Unopened Containers

Save Costs - Improve Quality

ID through opaque and coloured sacks, tubs and bottles
Cost-effective 100% materials ID testing
Avoid contamination and sampling
Compatible with most APIs and excipients
Typical measurement time 5-20 seconds
Easy learning of new materials: Train > Validate > Release

10x Increase in Testing Throughput

High volumes of materials in opaque containers can create a bottleneck in pharmaceutical manufacturing as a dedicated sampling area is needed to open, sample, test and re-seal each container to verify the content identity.

RapID allows the operator to verify the contents of each container in the warehouse in seconds without opening, sampling or re-sealing, enabling release immediately into production. This saving on handling and lab testing reduces the overhead from hours or days to only minutes per batch.

RapID screening a palette of lactose-containing sacks in less than 15 minutes

RapID screening a palette of lactose-containing sacks in less than 15 minutes


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