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Explosives detection system / for airports
Insight100™ | Insight100M Cobalt Light Systems


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    for airports


The Insight100TM range is the best-performing Liquid Explosive Detection System (LEDS) solution and is operationally proven - with deployment at more than 65 European airports including 8 of the top ten hubs


The Insight100 range is operationally proven with several hundred units already in use throughout the EU and Australia. The Insight100 range now includes a new variant, the Insight100M, which enables screening of metallic containers using an additional sensor. With best-in-class detection performance and the lowest false alarm rate of any ECAC-approved scanner, the Insight100 range fits into security checkpoint operations with the lowest resource impact and highest screening throughput of any Type B LEDS system.

Operational False Alarm Rates of the Insight100 recorded over several months at numerous EU airports have been confirmed at below 1% in Type B stand-alone mode. A Type A kit is available for resolving the very few alarms that will occur in type B mode.

Future Proof

The Insight100 range can be used for primary screening or in future phases of liquid screening could be used for alarm resolution. The technology is capable of screening flammable materials and can be updated to add detection of new threat materials as regulators require.


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