explosives detection system / for airports
Insight100™ / Insight100M™ Cobalt Light Systems


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    for airports


Exceptional Detection with an Ultra-low False Alarm RateInsight100M also Screens Metallic ContainersECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)Screens ALL containers, including metal (Insight100M)False alarm rate ≈2.5%Fast and easy to use, 3 - 5 second scansDetects and names threat material (detection only in metal containers)Can also screen for combustible liquidsThe Insight100M combines the ultra-low false alarm rates (FARs) of the Insight100 – operationally proven to be less than 1% for non-metallic items – with a second sensor for metallic containers.For a typical flow of commerce, the overall blended FAR is around 2.5%, but can be much lower. For example, for bottled water alone, the FAR of the Insight100M is just 1 in 4,000 bottles (≈0.02%).When tested using the standard ECAC test set, the Insight100M has a FAR 5-10x lower than operationally demonstrated by the most widely used competitive products.Overview™All of Cobalt's Insight scanners can be continuously monitored and managed by a centralised software system – the Overview Management Server. The software enables scheduled reporting for regulatory compliance monitoring.