delta robot / 4-axis / 3-axis / pick-and-place
D4-500-2 Codian Robotics



  • Type:


  • Number of axes:

    4-axis, 3-axis

  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, vision system

  • Field:


  • Payload:

    2 kg (4.409 lb)

  • Reach:

    500 mm

  • Repeatability:

    0.1 mm


D4-500 is suitable for maximum speed toploading pick and place processes. It is designed to operate with payloads of up to 2 kg. It has also a working envelope of 500 mm. The D4-500 has an open platform for servo motors and control systems.

The standard material for robots includes carbon fiber, anodized aluminium and plastic. D4-500 is embedded with a parallel kinematic design. This robot is can be controlled by different industry standard motion control systems. In the standard version, the under arms are made of carbon fiber.

It is designed for applications up to 15 G. It has an ISO mount gripper interface. It has a low maintenance. This device has an ambient temperature of 5°C - 45°C.