Diode laser / HPDDL / power
4 - 8 kW | D-Series COHERENT


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4 kW and 8 kW Direct-Diode laser power comes with efficient and flexible beam shape that presents ideal conditions for treating heat, welding applications and cladding. This equipment is Coherent's next generation direct-diode laser that is good at efficiency as well as power. The laser beam that can be beamed is strong, powerful and fast.

Those applications that include processes like cladding and other sorts of heat treatments, the utility of D-Series comes to the fore. The efficiency of this laser beams has set up its own dedicated levels. During the process of cladding, the usage of HighLight D-Series results in significant deposition rate of material, allowing for better paint on the surface.

This is the latest and the newest member of the series and very effective in providing as much as 8 kW of direct-diode power in the most powerful way.


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