fiber laser module / compact / OEM / high-power



  • Technology :


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, OEM, high-power, diode-pumped

  • Applications:

    for materials processing, for cutting and welding

  • Wavelength:

    1,070 nm

  • Power:

    1,500 W, 2,000 W, 4,000 W, 6,000 W, 8,000 W


H-LASE is a high power OEM (original equipment manufacturer) fiber laser module. H-LASE can be integrated into cutting, welding and drilling systems. Compact design and flexible interfaces enable easy system integration. High optical to optical conversion efficiency of the module enables high total efficiency for the system. H-LASE is an optical engine with integrated laser diodes.

Easy integration
Clear customer interfaces with compact design and small footprint makes ARM ideal to be integrated into a variety of new or existing high quality cutting and welding machines. Advanced five-step back reflection resistance system enables processing of sensitive and tough materials.
All-fiber design

ARM allows the independent power control and modulation of two coaxial laser beams in the same fiber simultaneously. ARM technology is all-fiber design with high output power, as standard up to 8kW and without moving parts.