Cross-flow gas scrubber / wet type
max. 45 000 m³/h | RHE 315-1250 COLASIT AG, Spiez - Switzerland


  • Type:

    cross-flow, wet type


Application Purification of highly polluted exhaust air with acidic or alkaline contamination.
♦ Food industry
♦ Pharma, chemical and biochemical industry
♦ Surface treatment and solar technology
♦ Waste, sewage treatment
♦ Composting
♦ Drying process

Principle Dosing of circulating washing fluid into the horizontal exhaust air flow. Rinsing of water-soluble impurities by the addition of alkalis or acids. Tank por pollutants.

Features Efficiency:
Gas temperature:
Working pressure:
Air flow: up to 99%
-30 to +120 °C *
+/- 1'500 Pa *
Standard up to 45'000 m3/h


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