One color pad printing machine
max. ø 115 mm | INKPRINT EAZY130 1C COMEC ITALIA


  • Color:

    one color


INKPRINT EAZY 130 and 160 are pad printing machines in the Comec Italia range. These machines are manufactured from top quality materials to obtain high quality machines .The result are pad printers of unbeatable reliability. The sealed ceramic inking system enables color changes to be made quickly and gives an ink saving of over 50%. The system also eliminates the release of fumes from solvent in the ink, thus making the print shop a pleasanter, healthier place to work in. The keyboard permits to vary all print runs, pneumatic operation guarantees excellent uniformity of printing and independent pressure regulation on object and cliché .The print holder table of the INKPRINT EAZY 130 and 160 are adjustable in all directions ( X-Y-Z axes ) .

The machines can work either with a sealed inkcup diam.160mm ( cliché size 180x360mm ) or with an inkcup diam.130 mm ( cliché size 150x300mm ) The machine are also easy to operate and require no special maintenance. The INKPRINT EAZY130 and 160 are the ideal pad printing machines for small to medium production runs and independent sample production. On request the INKPRINT EAZY can be supplied with a quick developing kit for photosensitive clichés ( BR35M )


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